• This deck is a jumbo index. The jumbo index refers to the size of the pip (the letter or/and number in the corner of the card). A jumbo indexed card has a larger pip but a smaller picture in the middle than a regular index.
    Two colors are available: Blue, Red.
  • These infrared contact lenses are sensational, which are the best partners with our marked cards!

    Wearing these contact lenses, you can see the marks on bottom of our processed cards.
  • A mobile phone poker camera is a mobile phone which is able to scan barcodes of the processed playing cards. The poker camera mobile phone solution allows instant and accurate transferring of data. Externally, there's no difference between the processed mobile phone and the normal ones. Practically.....
  • Texas Holdem is a variation of the standard card game of poker. The game consists of two cards being dealt face down to each player and then five community cards being placed face-up by the dealer – a series of three ("the flop") then two additional single cards ("the turn" and "the river" or "fourth and fifth street"......
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The product may include different parts and they may have different Warranty Periods. The different Warranty Periods for the products are:

•Twelve (12) months on the Poker Analyzer

•Three (3) months on the Poker Camera

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Blog: For copag 1546, there are cards of poker size jumbo index or regular index, and bridge size jumbo index or regular index. But many customers may say “I need Copag marked cards, double deck, jumbo index”, then we might guess if it’s copag 1546 or copag export design. Even if we know it’s Copag 1546, we need to ask poker size or bridge size. Thus I suggest customers send a picture of the cards you need, which may help a lot.
Blog:Many people think the marked cards for infrared glasses or contact lenses are in old fashion and they are not as safe as before to use.In this case, you can consider the IR camera and IR marked cards or One on One marked cards. These are some new poker diveces for you to enjoy the game or self-defense.
Blog: Es wird gesagt, dass es ein specail Tabelle, die alle Karten sehen kann. Ich weiß Infrarot Kontaktlinsen markierte Karten zu sehen, aber wie können die Menschen sehen, alle Karten, especial normalen sauberen Karten? Allerdings ist nichts unmöglich und der fortschrittlichen Technologie kann immer etwas Erstaunliches.
Blog: It's said that there's a specail table that can see all the cards. I know infrared contact lenses to see marked cards but how can people see all the cards, especial normal clean cards? However, nothing is impossible and the advanced technology can always make something amazing.
Blog: Einige Leute ziehen markierte Karten oder andere Poker-Produkte der niedrigeren Preis, egal wheather es in schlechterer Qualität oder nicht. In einem Grad, ich glaube nicht, dass wir die Produkte durch nur die Preise zu vergleichen. Immer haben wir bekommen, was wir zu zahlen. Wenn ein höherer Preis bekommen können Sie gut markierte Karten mit klaren Markierungen für Infrarotbrille und dem bloßen Auge kann nichts sehen, dann ist es wert ist. Wenn Sie zahlen einen niedrigen Preis und etwas unklar, Infrarot-Kontaktlinsen oder Personen können Sie die Markierungen mit dem bloßen Auge zu sehen, dann ist es gefährlich und nutzlos.