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Blog: It's said that there's a specail table that can see all the cards. I know infrared contact lenses to see marked cards but how can people see all the cards, especial normal clean cards? However, nothing is impossible and the advanced technology can always make something amazing.

Blog: Einige Leute ziehen markierte Karten oder andere Poker-Produkte der niedrigeren Preis, egal wheather es in schlechterer Qualität oder nicht. In einem Grad, ich glaube nicht, dass wir die Produkte durch nur die Preise zu vergleichen. Immer haben wir bekommen, was wir zu zahlen. Wenn ein höherer Preis bekommen können Sie gut markierte Karten mit klaren Markierungen für Infrarotbrille und dem bloßen Auge kann nichts sehen, dann ist es wert ist. Wenn Sie zahlen einen niedrigen Preis und etwas unklar, Infrarot-Kontaktlinsen oder Personen können Sie die Markierungen mit dem bloßen Auge zu sehen, dann ist es gefährlich und nutzlos.

Blog: Some people prefer marked cards or other poker products of lower price, no matter wheather it's in poorer quality or not. In a degree, I don’t think we should compare the products by only the prices. Always we get what we pay. If a higher price can get you good marked cards with clear marks to infrared glasses and naked eyes can see nothing, then it’s worthy. If you pay a low price and get something unclear to infrared contact lenses or people can see the marks with naked eyes, then it’s unsafe and useless.

Blog: Yesterday a guy asked me if our contact lenses can see any cards. He said some one told him that they have infrared contact lenses to see all poker cards. Please, infrared contact lenses can only see the infrared marked cards and there's no such contact lenses to see all playing cards in the world so far. If you still doubt about it, then just have a try. But remmber that don't be cheated of money when you can't see how it work!

Blog: Jason Mercier came into the 2015 World Series of Poker on a wave of momentum, having won SCOOP Player of the Series after winning three High-level events, making four High-level final tables and five final tables overall. After missing in the first couple of events he played at the 2015 WSOP, Mercier built up one of the bigger stacks through the first 15 levels of the $1,000 Hyper Hold’em event. With levels of just 20 minutes, they were already nearing the money bubble when BLUFF caught up with Mercier on the third break of the day.

Blog: The fourth day of the 2015 World Series of Poker was another busy one with the continuation of the record-breaking Event #5: The Colossus $565 No-Limit Hold'em. A champion was crowned in the $3,000 No Limit Hold'em Shootout, and after 11 levels of play they got down to just two players remaining in Event #3: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Low.

Blog: Great news! The World Poker Tour has announced what will be their first stop for their Season XIV schedule, which is added on to a hectic schedule over the next month. On the first day, May 1st, the WPT will arrive at one of its most popular destinations, the Playground Poker Club in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for the WPT Canadian Spring Championship. The $3500 (Canadian) buy in tournament will feature two starting days for its competitors and, and no matter a player is eliminated on Day 1A or not, he can choose to come back on 1B.

Blog: Do you like playing poker games? Are you afraid of losing lots of money when palying cards? Actually,there are some devices useful to self-defense, such as infrared marked cards and contact lenses, Texas holdem scanning systems or poker analysers.Have a try and you may get a big suirprise and have great time when palying cards.

Blog: Many people wish to play poker cards to relax themselves in free time. However, some of them lose lots of money and couldn't relax any more. Thus it's necessary to do sth to defense yourself if you want to relax and enjoy yourselves. You can get some devices such as infrared contact lenses and marked cards to help you. Poker analyser or scanning system can also help to avoid losing when palying cards.

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