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Poker is an amazing world. People who love it will love it more. People who spend a lot on it will never want to stop. As a matter of fact, when there is someone losing the game, there is always someone to win the game. Why don’t you become one of the winners?
Don’t think of god or luck, just spend a little sum for the marked cards and infrared contact lenses. They will be your useful helper to win the poker games.

Blog: First Pick of for The Inaugural Global Poker League Draft: Jason Mercier, United States – How can you go with someone outside of Mercier for the first pick? He’s been one of the most consistent performers in poker since 2008, with only one year where he failed to make seven-figures on the tournament poker circuit (2012). He is versatile at several games (not exactly applicable in the GPL, but good to have in the bank if there are any rule changes) and excels at full table, six- and four-handed and heads-up play. Ranked #6 in the world at the end of 2015, Mercier’s a pretty good anchor for your team to have.

Blog: What to play for relax? Texas is very popular among the world as long as Omaha. There are some variants for the games theses years. People think it’s not so clear to play with people from different places to some degree. Then it’s better to choose other easy games to play.

Blog: It is a very season now with the New Year and Christmas and Spring Festival. People all over the world enjoy themselves a lot. Many people spend the time with their family having trips or relaxing at home. And some choose to have a time playing pokers in clubs or casinos.

Blog: There are many countries and companies that are developing slowly or even retreating. It's usually because there's some doubt and suspicion among the members. In any team that is developing, there must be harmony and unity among the team members. The members must trust each other and help each other if there’re any problems.Only in this way can the members must understand and help each other and try their best to develop the company.

Blog: Some customers said it’s a problem that their scanning camera can’t scan the marked decks for analyzer when the cards aren’t on the table. It is a problem of the old technology for scanning cameras. Now a latest high technology has come out and we get a new kind of scanning camera for poker analyzers. It’s the automatic tracking camera that can scan the marked cards both on the table and in the dealer’s hand. With this radar device, you don’t need to worry about can’t scan the marked cards any more.

Blog: For copag 1546, there are cards of poker size jumbo index or regular index, and bridge size jumbo index or regular index. But many customers may say “I need Copag marked cards, double deck, jumbo index”, then we might guess if it’s copag 1546 or copag export design. Even if we know it’s Copag 1546, we need to ask poker size or bridge size. Thus I suggest customers send a picture of the cards you need, which may help a lot.

Blog: Many people think the marked cards for infrared glasses or contact lenses are in old fashion and they are not as safe as before to use.In this case, you can consider the IR camera and IR marked cards or One on One marked cards. These are some new poker diveces for you to enjoy the game or self-defense.

Blog: Es wird gesagt, dass es ein specail Tabelle, die alle Karten sehen kann. Ich weiß Infrarot Kontaktlinsen markierte Karten zu sehen, aber wie können die Menschen sehen, alle Karten, especial normalen sauberen Karten? Allerdings ist nichts unmöglich und der fortschrittlichen Technologie kann immer etwas Erstaunliches.

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