Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Invisible ink marked cards are usually very useful tool for magic shows or poker cheating. Which marked cards can help you to be the great magicians?

Firstly, the playing cards must be the professional cards and have the special material that most cards are made of. You can feel the back of the cards to tell if they are the right ones.

Secondly, you must make sure that the playing cards you use, including red decks and blue decks, can be marked with invisible ink marks on the back. The most important point is that the marks are invisible to naked eyes and others can't see any differences on the cards.

Thirdly, you must make sure that the marked playing cards has the luminous ink marks that you can see clearly with marked cards reader such as infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. There are some luminous inks that can read blue back cards, but they are much harder to read. Thus you should take the good quality marked cards with invisible ink marks for contact lenses.