Luminous ink reader

Luminous ink is also used in tricky. In order to see luminous ink for cheating or stop being cheated, you must have a luminous ink reader or luminous ink detector.

What is a luminous ink reader? The luminous ink reader is a tool to see the luminous marks of invisible ink. Usually the most common reader are infrared ink glasses. The more rare readers are luminous contact lenses. Luminous ink glasses are the most common luminous ink reader. The glasses are always disguised as sunglasses. Now with the advanced skills, the luminous ink sunglasses can be in varies styles and colors, the popular one is silver Aviator sunglasses.

Luminous ink contacts are the most rare version of luminous ink readers. The contacts lenses looks similar to the normal contact lenses, but they have a special area that covers your pupil so that you can see the invisible ink marks. To anyone else they see your regular color eyes. Now you can enjoy the contact lenses for the best marked price on the internet guaranteed!

In conclusion, Contact lenses and glasses are the two main instruments of the luminous ink readers. We gathered the material and formed a new division of the site. We added luminous ink readers and contacts to the site!