Playing cards poker analyzer

Do you throw poker parties and are usually the dealer? Poker analyzer is a device that can help you to know who is the winning hand. If you are a dealer, you can easily make a deal with a friend or 2 and signal them who will win the hand every time.

Using the poker analyzer to cheat at Texas hold’em and Omaha will make you have a big chance to win a lot of money! This is because it is like seeing every card. Instead of using the glasses and contacts this is a solid alternative! The poker analyzer can give out the accurate poker game result in a short time and tell you via earphone that will not cause the attention of other poker players.

It is extremely convenient for poker lovers and cheaters to use. When you use it to cheat at poker games, you just need to let the camera focus on the cards,and the analyzer will scan marked cards immediately and analyze the data for you, no more than 1 second. The analyzer can work for more than three hours (battery life).