Wallet Poker Camera

Wallet Poker Camera Wallet Poker Camera

Product Description:

A wallet poker camera is a wallet which is able to scan barcodes of the processed playing cards. Externally, there's no difference between the processed wallet and ordinary ones. With micro camera hidden perfectly in it, others just recognize it as your wallet, one ordinary item that you can put easily on the table when playing cards.

Top features:
1. Appearance: wallet
2. Function: scan barcodes instantly when camera catch image of the decks.  
3. Smart cameras: Auto Focus to catch clear image date instantly and report to CPU and feedback to you by mini earphone.

Detail Information of the wallet poker camera:
Camera distance: 20-80cm
Battery Time: 2-4hour
Signal Distance: 8m
Camera Components: Sensitive film, Microprocessor, the sleeve, the imaging lens, the power, infrared light, a signal emitter

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Name: amega IP: Time: 2018-09-29 11:04:10
Content:omaha scanning system,how long will ship to UK?
Admin_reply: Hi thanks for inquiry for omaha scanning system here. I will whatsapp you for everything in details. Have a good day!

Name: Lane IP: Time: 2018-09-05 09:25:24
Content:How much is the invisible marked cards? Do you have luminous ink marked cards to see with lenses?
Admin_reply: Hi thanks for inquiry for marked cards here. I will whatsapp you for everything in details. Have a good day!

Name: Loredan Haidiner IP: Time: 2018-08-09 18:51:47
Content:Hi I would like to know if you are able to provide me with some contact lenses for blue eyes that are capable to read uv light on skin and if or you supply a pen with them.Thank you!
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of infrared contact lenses here. We will call you or email you information soon. Nice day!

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